Making a Sorcerer Supreme

Casting a Spell

A listing of interviews, introductions to books or runs and remarks by artists, writers and the likes.

  • Introduction by Stan Lee
  • The last of the True Believers - a Stan Lee Biography
  • A Profile on Dr. Strange by Les Daniels
  • (More) Interviews, Reviews and Introductions

    Strange Tales

    Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme
  • Interview David Quinn: David Quinn's Doctor Strange

  • Doctor Strange, The Flight of Bones
  • Interview Dan Jolley: Down and personal

  • Strange (the mini series)
  • Interview Brandon Peterson: Brandon Peterson gets Strange
  • Interview J. Michael Straczynski: Getting Strange with J. Michael Straczynski
  • Interview Samm Barnes: The Doctor's Samm.
  • Review Dawei: Specialist Review on Strange#1

  • Marvel's Epic Anthology
  • Interview Rob Worley: Young but Ancient, Young Ancient One
  • Interview Jason Henderson: Strange Magic

  • What is it that disturbs you, Stephen?
  • Background: P. Graig Russell - Opus 2

  • Witches
  • Interview: Mike Deodato talks about Witches

  • Defenders
  • Interview: Kurt Busiek on the future of Dr. Strange.