Umar The Unrelenting

Real Name: Umar

Classification: extra-dimensional ( Faltinian ) Magic Manipulator

Nationality: Exiled citizen of the dimension of Faltine

Place of Birth: The dimension of Faltine

Occupation: Former Regent of the Dark Dimension

Known Relatives: Sinifer (procreator); Dormammu (brother); Clea (daughter)

Note: Umar once told Orini, Clea's natural father, that her own mother had been human, but this was likely a fabrication on her part, since Faltinians, as energy beings, would seem to reproduce asexually, Sinifer is presumably the sole parent of Umar and Dormammu. Accounts also vary as to whether Dormammu and Umar are twins or whether Dormammu is the elder sibling.

Affiliations: None

Extent of Education: Natural born mystical being who Studied sorcery independently.

Base of Operations: The Dark Dimension

Distinguishing Features: When ruling the Dark Dimension she wears a plume of mystic fire called the Flames of Regency around her head.

Weight:200 pounds
Strength:Enhanced human
Speed:Enhanced human
Stamina:Enhanced human
Agility:Enhanced human
Reflexes:Enhanced human

Powers: Umar and Dormammu are members of the energy-race the Faltine. This race is the actuall mystical entity. They produce an unlimited amount of mystical energy. Umar and Dormammu are each but a tiny piece of this race.

As a Faltine she could lend mystical power to some-one who invoked her but this power is basically the same as the power the magician would receive from the Faltine.

Not all power comes from herself, only those energies produced by the Faltine. Even the Vishanti cannot control all without the approval of the deity that controls the specific energies. For instance: Cyttorak produce all crimson energies that make up the crimson bands, rings and ruby. The Faltine control all flame-like energies. For all other feats he has to manipulate mystical energy like any normal sorcerer.

She gains these powers through the ability to tap this universe's infinite store of ambient magical energy and manipulate these to a variety of effects. A skill derived from three major sources: personal powers of the mind/soul/body, powers gained by tapping the universe's ambient magical energy and employing it for specific effects and finally, powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in mystical dimensions tangential to his own. The latter means of power is usually gained by the recitation of incantations.

Some of these effects include forming magical energy bolts with a high degree of potency and control. Erect energy shields or screens with a high degree of imperviousness to both physical and magical damage.

The art of astral projection, the mental ability to separate the astral self-the sheath of the soul, or life essence-from his physical self, and in this form traverse through space unbounded by physical laws but fully retaining human consciousness. The astral form is invisible, intangible, and incapable of being harmed except by the most rigorous of mystical means. The astral form only possesses those magical powers residing in the sorcerer's mind: thought casting, psychokinesis, etc. Having a body that was original created from faltinian energies and raw matter he can remain in astral form for as long as he likes. The physical form is quite vulnerable to attack when the astral form is absent. If harm were to befall the physical form while in astral form, the astral form would be stranded in the wraith-like state. While the astral form is absent, the physical form remains in an inert death-like trance.

Thoughtcasting over short or vast distances in a manner virtually identical with telepathy. The entire Dark Dimension is within the reach of Umar's mind, providing she knew where to contact the specific mind she is seeking. She could simultaneously communicate with thousands of minds at a time.

Utilizing local magical energy to teleport across or into mystical dimensions (certain higher dimensions beyond height, width, depth, etc. where the physical laws can be based on magic rather than science). Oddly enough, teleportation within a dimension is more taxing than teleportation between dimensions. Such expenditure of energy leaves all sorcerers mystically debilitated for a varying length of time, making teleportation a dangerous and seldom used ability. But Umar's faltinian body seems to suffer no ill effects from these transfers. She uses teleportation often, and on large skale too if she wishes.

Umar has a vast knowledge of sorcerous spells and incantations invoking the names and aspects of various extra-dimensional objects and beings of power. Through these incantations the mage is able to call upon these extra-dimensional power sources for very specific effects without taxing the personal abilities.

Aside of the above mentioned manipulations she has been known to use such spells capable of opening dimensional gateways, levitating, creating life-like illusions, mesmerizing others, canceling out any magical spell of another, power over the four nature elements. Umar is virtually immortal; if she happens to be killed, her body dissipates and begins to reform elsewhere over a period of months.

Abilities: Her faltinian body is stronger than that of most humans.

Paraphernalia: None

History: Umar and Dormammu where faltinians with a fascination towards matter. This fascination is almost regarded as a crime in the dimension of Faltine where energy is all, they revolted against their sole creator Sinifer. As a result the faltinians banded together and banished the rogue duo.

They sought sanctuary from Olnar, the wizard-king of the Dark Dimension, a small pocket cosmos in a dimension other than Earth's, in which the laws of reality are different from those in the Earth dimension. (It has been speculated that this occured thousands of years ago.) Umar and Dormammu promised to show Olnar how to expand his realm. Intrigued, Olnar overruled the objections of the other wizards of his realm, who distrusted the two exiles, and he granted Umar and Dormammu not only sanctuary but also positions of power. In return, the two Faltinians showed Olnar how to break down inter-dimensional barriers and to absorb other pocket dimensions into his own.

However, after many ears of such conquests, it was discovered that a pocket cosmos that had recently been added to the Dark Dimension was the home of the savage creatures called the Mindless Ones. The Mindless Ones spread destruction throughout the Dark Dimension and killed Olnar. The surviving wizards blamed the two Faltinians,. Suspecting that the wizards would attack the two of them, Umar and Dormammu struck first and defeated the wizards. The two Faltinians then combined their magic to imprison the Mindless Ones behind a mystic barrier that still exists today. The people of the Dark Dimension acclaimed Umar and Dormammu for saving them from the Mindless Ones and chose them as regents of the Dark Dimension.

Dormammu transformed himself into pure mystical energy, thus enabling himself to use his vast magical powers more efficiently. He placed a spell upon the remaining few wizards that rendered them incapable of speech, setting them to wander the dimension as outcasts.

The take-over had cost them both a lot of energy which left Umar very weak making Dormammu the acting ruler. Although Dormammu was selected to be the ruler of the Dark Dimension, he segregated Umar as much as possible, fearing her ambitions.

While her brother was busy with his enimity with the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Umar was experimenting with material pleasures. At one time her interests shifted to Orini. With him she had a daughter Clea. Umar gave Clea to Orini to raise, never showing any affection to her daughter at all. Shocked and horriefied from the act of giving physical birth she began to rave like a madwoman.

When she started to oppose Dormammu he decided to banish her to a pocket dimension within the Dark Dimension only to free her again to aid him during an invasion of the mindless Ones. Umar tricked Dormammu and became the new ruler of the Dark Dimension.

During her first encounter with doctor Strange she encountered Veritas [a.k.a. Sayge]. Umar invades the Earth dimension and battles the Ancient One who in turn freed Zom, a creature even Umar fears. Zom forced Umar to flee.

When Dormammu returned she allied herself with Strange to defeat her brother.

After this battle she attacked doctor Strange and Clea on Earth. To save her brother she transported the essence of Dormammu to the Earth's core, where he reformed and was resurrected after his last defeat with the Evil Eye.

Together with Orini she managed to defeat doctor Strange on Dormammu's behalf. When Dormammu returned she joins him into battle with The Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Agatha Harkness. Umar stole Dormammu's energies and with them she battled doctor Strange and Clea but was defeated when Gaea caused Dormammu's power to return to him. It was then that she recounted her seduction of Orini that resulted into the birth of Clea.

She now intervened in doctor Strange's battle with a deranged Black Knight by conjuring a sea serpent and water elementals to attack them both on Earth.

By now Clea had joined the Revolutionary forces of the Dark Dimension to overthrown Umar. During their ultimate battle, Umar drew power from the barrier which imprioned the Mindless Ones, releasing them. Dr. Strange and the native wizards (called the Outcasts) combined their magics to re-imprision the Mindless Ones. Clea eventually triumphed over her mother, claiming regency over the dimension. Strange and Clea sent Umar (and Orini) into stasis and cast them into a distant dimension.

When Dormammu became ruler again, he freed his sister. But she attacks him. Together with Strange, Clea and baron Mordo she manage to defeat Dormammu. Clea and Strange let her resume the role of ruler of the Dark Dimension with Mordo as her consort.

But Dormammu returned and absorbed the powers of Umar and Mordo into himself, becoming all-powerful.

After some time Dormammu lost his extra gained powers. But he already had resumed his role as ruler of the Dark Dimension. His appearance is now again as we recognise him of old. Umar was again imprisoned by her brother. History was repeating itself...

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