Silver Dagger

Real Name: Isaiah Curwen

Classification: Magic User

Nationality: Unrevealed

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Occupation: Executioner of the wicked; evangelist, former Cardinal in the Catholic Church

Known Relatives: None

Affiliations: Leader of the Sword of the Lord, the Catholic Church (excommunicated)

Extent of Education: Doctorate Ph.D. in theology from a Jesuit college

Base of Operations: Mobile

Distinguishing Features: Silver Dagger usually wears an eyepatch over his left eye that is now replaced by one of Agamotto's mystical eyes.

Powers: Strictly speaking, Silver Dagger doesn't have superhuman powers, but his exceptionally charismatic personality and powers of persuasion is an ability that border on superhuman, especially when addressing large groups of people.

Silver Dagger formerly employed his knowledge of sorcery for a variety of effects; he has since repudiated all use of cast magic as "Satanic". Silver Dagger's left eye is now the original Amulet of Agamotto and can project silver beams of mythical force. Although this makes his visual acuity somewhat diminished, it is also the source of any superhuman powers.

Abilities: Aside from his basic hand-to-hand combat skills, some Aikido, Judo, and boxing, Silver Dagger has an extensive knowledge of Christian theology, particularly of the apocalyptic sect he himself has created. He has some knowledge of magic and sorcery.

Further more, he has the ability to hurl bladed weapons with a high degree of accuracy and is familiar with a high variety of automatic weapons. Plus a high degree of skill for strategy and tactics as used in commando-style low intensity conflict, and guerrilla warfare techniques.

Weight:220 pounds

Paraphernalia: Silver Dagger his personal weaponry consists of specially-crafted 9" silver throwing daggers which have been dipped in holy water for enhanced effectiveness against supernatural creatures. He stores them in his rear of belt, which has a number of holders for these throwing daggers. For protection he has a leather bodysuit. He also uses the original Amulet of Agamotto.

Silver Dagger and his team of zealot commandos have been known to make use of a variety of automatic weapons which have been modified to fire silver bullets, as well as sophisticated communications devices and other items used for stealth combat.

History: Isaiah Curwen was a Cardinal in the Vatican with access to the library on mysticism. At one time he decided for himself that all magic (and magic users) where derived from the devil and should be destroyed. So he started gathering followers and collecting special weapons that were extremely effective against magic in all their forms. He was even willing to use magic in a small degree to reach his goal.

These actions couldn't go by unnoticed by the Vatican. So they cast him out, and excommunicated him. This made Isaiah even more dangerous and determent.

One of Isaiah first targets was the most powerful magician at that time... Stephen Strange. So he broke into the sanctum sanctorum in an attempt to slay Strange with a silver dagger, believing him demon-spawn. He then imprisoned and attempted brainwashing of Clea. When finally defeated he was trapped in the dimension of Agamotto, inside the Orb of Agamotto.

He managed to conquer the dimension within the Orb of Agamotto and returned to battled doctor Strange, Spider-man,Ms. Marvel, and Marie Leveau. During the fight Leveau stabbed him in the back and he returned to dimension of Agamotto in defeat. In this dimension he surrendered his left eye to Agamotto. Agamotto awarded it to doctor Strange who just had lost his eye some time before.

Later Silver Dagger apparently escaped and attempted to slay the Werewolf by Night. Silver Dagger aided by troops battled the Werewolf motorcycle gang... the Braineaters. The Werewolf bit him and left Dagger at the mercy of his own troops, his eye inexplicably restored.

He than returned to battle doctor Strange once more using his own eye of Agamotto for the first time. He also took the time to explain how he escaped from the world within the Orb. But in the end Agamotto took him into custody again. Apparently the deity liked the compagny Silver Dagger made.

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Silver Dagger created by Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner.

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