Orb of Agamotto

Within Doctor Strange’s Greenwich Village Sanctum Sanctorum, in a room sometimes referred to as the Chamber of Shadows, sits a three-legged case which is the resting place of the mystical crystal known as the Orb of Agamotto.

The Orb is a powerful scrying device that can automatically detect the use of powerful magic around the world, pinpoint the user, and reveal his or her presence to its master.

It also detects any great evil threat to the world and shows its location to its master. At times the globe will resemble the earth on which the mystical energies around the Earth can be made visible.

The Orb will also automatically allow its user to peer into other dimensions and other worlds that he has previously visited or has knowledge of.

Especially powerful mystical forces have, in the past, been able to cloud the Orb and prevent Doctor Strange from uncovering their exact location.

The Orb can also function as a means for inter-dimensional communication. It has been used by Strange and Rintrah to contact Clea in the Dark Dimension.

The orb itself has the ability to float and it is possible to use magic to recreate the orb, when it is destroyed by physical means. For protection the Orb is kept in a special container that can only be opened by a magical spell.

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