Book of the Vishanti

The Book of the Vishanti is the greatest known source of “white” magical knowledge in the Earth dimension. The Book contains descriptions of more spells and occult rituals than any other known work except the Darkhold. Every possessor of the Book has added his or her own original spells to this volume. Consequently, the arcane lore contained within the Book of the Vishanti is written in a variety of languages.

It is not known how many pages the Book contains; by magic, pages seem to materialize within its binding to accomodate additional spells.

The origins of the Book of the Vishanti are unknown. However, it is believed to have been written by practitioners of the occult arts who were in regular contact with the Vishanti, three benevolent extra-dimensional entities who grant mystical powers and knowledge to those whom they consider worthy. Agamotto claims that there are more copies available. He once told Dr. Stephen Strange that he had the 'rare' unautographed version. But none can other can be found within this multiverse.

The Vishanti went through a lot of trouble to make sure that the spells within their tome included all counterspells known to man. But especially all counterspells to the spells held within the Darkhold, making the Book of the Vishanti the ultimate 'white' counterpart for 'the Book of Sin'.

During the Pre-Catclysmic times it was used by Atlantean sorcerer (and Darkholder) Varnae to cast the 'Vampiric Verses'. He tried to create vampirism on Earth. Maybe even wanted to be the first vampire because he was dying at the time. Although the spell didn't had any results (it is a counterspell to the Montesi Formula and not a spell to create vampires in the first place) he still got his wish when his fellow Darkholders used the vampire creating spells from the Darkhold on him.

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