The Aged Genghis

Real Name: Genghis
Classification: Magic Manipulator (Master of Order Magic)
Nationality: Ancient China
Place of Birth: Ancient China
Occupation: Sorcercer, trustee of the Vishanti
Known Relatives: None
Affiliations: The Order of the Ancient Ones, sorcerers whose elder members are known as the Ancient Ones, the Immortal Nine.
Extent of Education: Studied sorcery, under unnamed Chinese Sorcerers.
Base of Operations: A sanctum at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, Tibet, China
Distinguishing Features: Seemingly senile

Weight:140 pounds
Strength:Below normal
Speed:Below normal
Stamina:Below normal
Durability:Below normal
Agility:Below normal
Reflexes:Below normal
Powers and Abilities History

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