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Greetings, adepts in the mystic arts and favorites in the eye of Agamotto, may I introduce myself...

Me and Garfield My name is Erik Frederik Elzenaar, Erik for friends (and everyone else too, I'm not that formal).

I was born in Delft, in the Netherlands on 27 May 1971. It was there that I studied chemistry, but after a few years I was a long time without a job (so I had an enormous amount of time to work on these pages). During the building of this site I learned a lot about computers, and made that my new job. I bought a house together with my girlfriend, who I met at the Dutch annual Comic Strip Convention, along the coast in Scheveningen The Hague (finally a separate room for my comics).

I began collecting when I was about 12 years old. Dutch versions of the comics first. Mainly Spider-man and Fantastic Four. But boys grow up (and my collection too). At one time I began looking at the original comics. First I bought just the comics that weren't publicized in the Netherlands, but after awhile I bought the other series too. When you began working, you've got more money and with more money you buy more comics. My collection is now almost 15.000 issues large and I've got quit a few oldies (like Amazing Spider-man #1 and 2, Avengers #1, Daredevil a complete run). I always had a large interest in the supernatural and that reflected itself in my comic collection. So I began collecting Doctor Strange. The first comics I read about him were Marvel Team Ups and the like. The series was never published in Holland. But when I started buying the series I become hooked. Right now I've got almost all the series with him in it completed.

When I finally got a computer I started almost immediately with a Comics Database (on Access '97). The template is as good as finished and right now I'm putting the data in. I already entered the issues I've got, and now I have to do all the other stuff. This is an awful lot of data, so I don't think that I finish the whole thing in the near future.

When I went on-line through a digital ISDN-line, 64000 BPS (I switched to faster providers in time). I played with the idea of building a website but didn't come up with a good idea for one for a long time. When I noticed how few sites there were about doctor Strange, I just found two or three good ones, I decided to make one myself. You're now looking at the result and I hope you like it.

May the Eternal Vishanti be with you...


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